Audio devices of AudioChain

The term audio device in the context of AudioChain means a simulation of a real hardware audio device as you would use in a sound recording studio. A real world recording studio may have a hardware mixer and several devices plugged into it, for example a reverberation, a compressor, a hard drive or tape recorder.

This way the AudioChain software comes with two types of audio devices:

The source audio device is a type, that produces audio data. While an audio track can only have one source audio device, it must have a source audio device to be useful in any way.

AudioChain comes with two noteworthy source audio devices: the recorder and the drum computer. The drum computer produces sounds by reading a pattern and by using some sample files. So this produces sound only. The recorder has the recording capability and "produces" any previously recorded audio data.

audio device chain

Multiple chainable audio devices can be added to a track and form a sequentially audio device chain. The devices can be minimized, disabled, removed and reordered via the up and down arrow buttons.

The number of chainable audio devices is not limited for an audio track. But be aware that each audio device uses computer resources and distorts the natural sound.

There are several chainable audio devices in the AudioChain software. For example: reverberation, compressor, equalizers, sample peak programme meter, volume, frequency analyzer.

Keep in mind: the best sound is you with your instrument and the correct microphone mix for recording. If this inital source audio data is bad, the use of audio devices won't improve the things.