Download and setup of the multitrack recording software AudioChain

To run the AudioChain software you need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) since version 7 or higher. You can get Java here:

Alternatively you can also use the open source JDK:

You can download AudioChain right here from this site. The AudioChain software is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 or later.

audiochain-1.1.7.jar (AudioChain version 1.1.7) (SHA1)

Running AudioChain via Java WebStart

Instead of handling with the java command, you can alternatively start AudioChain directly via Java WebStart by clicking this link:

audiochain.jnlp (AudioChain version 1.1.7)

In this case you must also have the JRE installed. You must trust the unverifiable certificate for the self signed jar when the Java WebStart dialog asks for it. Signing the jar is necessary to get access to the audio interface and the hard disk.

Installing AudioChain on a Debian/Linux system

There is also a Debian package you can download:

audiochain-1.1.7_all.deb (AudioChain version 1.1.7) (SHA1)

Once downloaded you can install it with root privileges by using the command

dpkg -i audiochain-1.1.7_all.deb

The usage of the Debian package has some advantages over the manual installation. The program will be installed on the ordinary file system structure of your system and is available for all users on that system. A convenient start link to the programm will be created at the desktop's menu. The Debian package manager also ensures that there will be a suiting JVM installed. If you like consoles, you can simply start the program by typing audiochain instead of using the java command.

Uninstall AudioChain

To remove the AudioChain software completely from your computer, delete the AudioChain jar file you downloaded. If AudioChain was ever started, it created some property files in a directory named .audiochain within your home directory for saving some internal program states you applied while working with the program. Just delete these files too:


If you have installed the Debian package and like to remove it, just run

dpkg --purge audiochain

Configuration and Customization of AudioChain

The most settings can be modified through the program itself by graphics user interface dialogs, but some settings can be customized by editing the property files directly. Take a look into them, if you want to know what is stored in them exactly. You perhaps want to mess around with them to customize the program to your needs. If you might have trashed the files or AudioChain shows errors, you can simply delete these files to have a fresh program state.

AudioChain Source Code

AudioChain is free software in the terms and conditions of GNU GPL v3 or later. You can download and use the AudioChain Java source code from here.

audiochain-1.1.7-src.tgz (SHA1) (SHA1)

Audio Devices Addon Package

AudioChain itself is completely written in Java from the ground. It comes with a single .jar-file and there is nothing you need than an installed Java Runtime Environment. But to be able to use VST plugins, the use of machine native code is required. AudioChain provides an additional package, that includes special audio devices and native (C++) libraries needed to run VST plugins (for example).

Due to architectural differences between the operating systems, this addon package is provided as different system specific bundles below. Please pick one the packages that matches your operating system. These packages contain system specific C++ shared libary builts, all required Java libraries (inclusive the above audiochain.jar). Please respect the included legal notices regarding the provided third party libraries.

To install and use one of these bundles, just download one of the compressed files and unpack it on your local system. Put your VST plugins into the vst sub directory and use the included script to start AudioChain. The start command within the script differs from the above explained simple start command in that way, that there are given more parameters to state all necessary libraries.

Please note, that your VST plugins must also match your operating systems architecture (32 bit versus 64 bit). AudioChain was tested with the free mda VST plugins successfully, even though audio chain supports them basically by a generic integrated user interface. Particular plugin user interfaces are not supported yet. To call the VST plugins, AudioChain makes use of the open source library JVstHost (thanks a lot M. Roth). If you have an operating system different from listed options the below, or if you encounter problems loading your vst plugins, try to use a self compiled native JVstHost library that matches your system.

Operating SystemAudio Devices Addon Package (compressed)
GNU/Linux 64bit audiochain-devices-1.1.7-linux64.tgz (SHA1)
GNU/Linux 32bit audiochain-devices-1.1.7-linux32.tgz (SHA1)
Mac OS X (10.6.x) 64bit audiochain-devices-1.1.7-mac64.tgz (SHA1)
Mac OS X (10.5.x) 32bit audiochain-devices-1.1.7-mac32.tgz (SHA1)
not tested, please give feedback, whether it works
Windows 64bit (SHA1)
not tested, please give feedback, whether it works
Windows 32bit (SHA1)

Audio Devices Addon Package Source Code

The source code for the audio devices addon package contains all sources regarding AudioChain only. To make these sources compile, the JVstHost jar file is needed. The jar and the sources for the JVstHost is not included in the packages below, but can be downloaded by the above link. The JVstHost jar file is also contained in one of the above system specific bundles.

audiochain-devices-1.1.7-src.tgz (SHA1) (SHA1)

All releases of AudioChain