Drum schema (drum rhythm definition) for the AudioChain DrumAudioDevice

To use the drum computer of AudioChain you need some sample wave files and a drum schema definition. You can use any free or self recorded sample wave files. These files must be located on your local file system, so that AudioChain can read them. There are many free and open drum samples on the internet. AudioChain itself provides no samples explicitly.

The drum rhythm definition of AudioChain is a simple text file. A very simple drum schema file might contain this:

Bouncing Cow
1 | c . . . |

So what do these cryptic symbols stand for? Here is the full desription for each type of line.

Metronome Example Drum Schema

Download and unpack the following metronome example ZIP file. The ZIP file contains a drum schema text file and one metronome click wave file.


Once unpacked you can open the text file with the DrumAudioDevice. Make sure the wave file resides next to the metronome schema text file on your file system to be found by the drum computer.

Hydrogen File Support

There is an open source drum computer software named Hydrogen. Since AudioChain version 1.1.4 you can basically import these .h2song files into your AudioChain project by choosing the file with the drum audio device. The currently supported .h2song file version is 0.9.4 but other versions might also work.