Documentation about AudioChain

The linked pages on the left will show you, how to handle with the AudioChain software.

Begin with the getting started tutorial to set up your first audio project and perform a recording.

Your understanding of the structure and the layout of AudioChain, is an important step to work with the software efficiently. Read the mixer introduction page to learn, what is the basic principle of the AudioChain mixer.

Audio devices are the main workers within the program. Read more about them to use them efficently by reading audio devices.

To customize and startup quickly in your future AudioChain projects, you can create your own templates. Read how to create them by reading project templates.

AudioChain stores all recorded audio data in a very simple PCM raw format. If you want to interoperate with other audio programs, take a look at the descriptions for these files and formats.

You have the ability to use a built in drum computer. This may be helpful as a 'better metronom' for your recordings (but does surely not replace cool drumming people). Dig into this feature and read about the drum schema.

If you like to work with other musicians which are far away, or if you want to work on several computers to record and mix the audio projects, you can use the network synchronization mechanism of audio chain.