AudioChain Releases

1.1.7 Apr 07 2017 audiochain-1.1.7.jar (SHA1) (SHA1)
audiochain-1.1.7-src.tgz (SHA1)
audiochain-1.1.7_all.deb (SHA1) Logarithmic frequency analyzer display. Java runtime support updated to version 1.7. Disturbing playback slider tooltip removed.
1.1.6 Nov 03 2013 audiochain-1.1.6.jar (SHA1) (SHA1)
audiochain-1.1.6-src.tgz (SHA1)
audiochain-1.1.6_all.deb (SHA1) New Dialog for displaying recorded audio files.
1.1.5 Apr 18 2013 audiochain-1.1.5.jar (SHA1) (SHA1)
audiochain-1.1.5-src.tgz (SHA1)
audiochain-1.1.5_all.deb (SHA1) Support for monitoring individual audio devices (headphone button). Factory based creation of audio devices for plugins (VST Support). Inter system time check on synchronization intialisation.
1.1.4 Feb 27 2013 audiochain-1.1.4.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) audiochain-1.1.4_all.deb (SHA1) Custom audio device integration support. Hydrogen drum file (h2song) import feature for the drum audio device. User settings moved to a home subdirectory. Configurable synchronization display behaviour. Display remain time for binary synchronization.
1.1.3 Jan 21 2013 audiochain-1.1.3.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) audiochain-1.1.3_all.deb (SHA1) Remote sync progress bar. Track cloning. Technical improvements.
1.1.2 Jan 09 2013 audiochain-1.1.2.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) audiochain-1.1.2_all.deb (SHA1) Hardware mixer detection and drum initialization improvements. Drum clip leveling support.
1.1.1 Dec 30 2012 audiochain-1.1.1.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) audiochain-1.1.1_all.deb (SHA1) Menu accelerators and button mnemonics introduced. Several usability improvements. Dialog disposition regarding OpenJDK. Hardware mixer detection improved.
1.1.0 Dec 18 2012 audiochain-1.1.0.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) audiochain-1.1.0_all.deb (SHA1) Network synchronization support introduced to collaborate with other people. Caution: If you worked with a previous version before 1.1.0 and you already created audio projects you can open and work on them with this new version, but if you once save these projects with the new software version, you cannot go back to any older version. In other words, this new software version is not backward compatible. So you will be warned and possibly make a backup of the .audio files. The raw audio data and the drum files are not concerned.
1.0.1 Oct 30 2012 audiochain-1.0.1.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) audiochain-1.0.1_all.deb (SHA1) Possibility to change an audible file's frame offset.
1.0 Sep 27 2012 audiochain-1.0.jar (SHA1) (SHA1) N/A First Version